Something that I’ve learned on my journey is that it’s important to focus on the things that bring you the success that you desire in your business.

I say this because often times people get caught up in the act of being BUSY rather than being focused and productive in the areas that matter most.

It’s important to focus on the the things that will actually help you move forward RIGHT NOW. The things that will help you expand and help you reach the people you were meant to reach in this moment so that you can make the impact you were born to create.

But what exactly does that look like?

For me, it’s having daily routines and practices in place that allow me to expand and raise my vibration to align with the things I’m calling into my life.

One of the most important practices I have in place that has brought me the success and fulfilment I desire in my life and business is connecting and tuning into my spiritual essence.

This is something that AA Gabriel has been talking about A LOT recently. He shares that when we discover what our spiritual essence is and allow this to be integrated into all areas of our life, we begin to live in a state of flow.

Everything is aligning because you are living from your most authentic self. You are living in complete alignment with your soul and purpose, and everything around you lines up because you were meant to be fully supported in sharing your truth and gifts.

This is something that is SO important to realize – that when we are doing the things that our soul has come here to do and share, we are fully aligned and supported. When we are living our soul’s mission and doing what we were meant to do as part of our life’s work, we are opening ourselves up to a massive flow of abundance, fulfillment, joy and peace.

When we can connect with the depths of our soul and allow the spiritual essence within to be expressed through our creations and words, we bring so much light and love onto this planet. It is through our authentic self-expression… aka SHARING OUR TRUTH… that we create the massive impact that we feel called to create.

The Archangels play a huge role in helping us get to that place. They help us understand who we truly are on a soul level and how to integrate our spiritual essence into our human lives.

I know this because I’ve experienced it. And I continue to experience how life changing it is when I follow the guidance they give me for my life and business, and when I fully surrender to my TRUST in them and in myself.

I know that there are many people in here who are feeling the call to share their truth and create a business that fully supports them and their authentic self-expression.

Are you ready to discover your spiritual essence and learn how to integrate it into all areas of your life?

Are you ready to learn how to call in your soul clients and sell your offers with ease?

Are you ready to be fully financially supported by your soul’s work and creations by creating a SUCCESSFUL business?

Are you ready to work with the Archangels on a deep and personal level to help you reach your highest potential?

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Cristina, The Archangel Channel