Becoming Your True Self

A 5-Day Transformational Experience

Becoming Your True Self

We are being called forward into an experience of who we truly are.

To transform from our old ways of being, into an experience of our true selves.

Your soul has been waiting to come forward in all of the light it is meant to shine.

It is time to discover the true power that you hold and the life that you were meant to live.


Becoming Your True Self

A workshop experience like no other.

Where you will be guided into the depths of your power and true potential as a divine soul living in this human experience.

To understand the life you were meant to create.

To know the gifts you are meant to share.

To become aligned to the beauty and soul essence that exists within.

You were created to live a life of freedom and power. To know yourself on a deep spiritual level, and to share the gifts and light that you hold.

Often we are held back due to a lack of power and presence within ourselves. This is why this experience was created to bring you back to your truth.

To help you remember who you are and the power that you hold.

So that you can break free from what no longer serves you, and live in true alignment with who you are.

This 5-day experience will be held from May 16th-20th.

All call replays will be available with lifetime access!

If you’re thinking about working with Cristina or taking one of her courses but you’re not sure, then you should know that after doing her Self Discovery course I found, interviewed and accepted a new job within 2 weeks! This was after 9 months of having such bad self esteem that I was too scared to even look for work.

Results can happen that quick! It’s amazing value for excellent content and the meditations massively help with things like stress, anxiety and insomnia in my experience. Now that I’ve got my confidence back up with part time work, I’m ecstatic for the next step which is to find/create my dream job/biz/income!!!


All call replays will be available with lifetime access.

5 classes over 5 days

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Becoming Your True Self is a
5-day experience workshop!
5 classes over 5 days!!