The Chakra Connection

The path to our spiritual alignment and empowerment is through the chakra system.

The Chakra Connection

This energetic system that we hold is the source of our greatest power. 

It is the source of our divine being and its potential.

Our chakras are the energetic expressions and signatures of our soul journey.

Our chakras hold trauma, fear and pain. And they also hold our gifts, creative abilities and divine wisdom.

When we understand the intricacies of working with the chakra system, we are able to break through blocks and move forward on our path.

We are able to heal on a deep level, and also rise into our fullest divine potential.

Our chakras hold SO MUCH power and wisdom, and it is our job to unlock the beautiful gifts that they hold.

By understanding how to work with the chakras, we are able to:

  • Fully release and heal unresolved pain, trauma and wounds
  • Be open to the divine flow and connection to the Universe
  • Discover our spiritual gifts and who we truly are
  • Understand our purpose and divine soul being

Cristina ArocheWorking with the chakras was a huge catalyst for me and my spiritual journey, which led to the discovery of my divine gifts as a healer and Archangel Channel.

This is why I’m SO excited to share this powerful workshop with you!!

The Chakra Connection

Where we will be diving deep into understanding:

— How to work with the chakra system for healing and releasing blocks

— How to open up to the unique gifts and powerful energy that each chakra holds

— How to become aligned in the fullest expression of who you are, with the chakra system fully supporting you shining in your light

This powerful workshop will be held during the week of March 28th!


Private Facebook Group

Three recorded classes that will be taught live via a private FB group (if you do not have Facebook, you’ll get access via Dropbox!)


Monday March 28th @ 11:30am PST

Wednesday March 30th @ 11:30am PST

Friday April 1st @ 10:00am PST

Supported By The Archangels

Powerful healing and connection within your chakra system, supported by the Archangels

Connection and Support

A beautiful community of connection and support throughout this journey

Lifetime Access!

Lifetime access to all course materials

Join now for only $222 – $111!!!

Unless you have done one of Cristina’s courses, you cannot know just how powerful her work is. If you have done one of her meditations you will have an idea, but to experience the real energy and power of the work, it needs to be experienced in a structured program.

Her work is unique, honest, professional. She gives so much of herself. High vibrational beings are her guides. Everything she teaches and shares comes from a high vibration frequency.

Anyone who is serious about what they are sending out into the world, who wants to help by sending out light and love, who wants to fulfill their Soul’s purpose in this life, needs to do one of Cristina’s courses.

Cristel Philp

We start March 28th!

Click below to sign up now!


One payment of $111

This powerful workshop will be held during the week of March 28th!

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